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updated 27-jan-17

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Sober is the New Black Neckace

I’ve made it so that the text faces IN so that the words aren’t visible when wearing the necklace. Of course, you can take it apart and turn the disk around if you want!

Chain is sterling silver.


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It's About Time Bracelet (leather)

Each bracelet will have a different coloured handmade Lampwork bead

Sizes: small 7" or medium 8" (measure your wrist and then add a bit extra for slack)



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Sober Toolkit Charm Bracelet (stainless steel bracelet)

Sizes: small (6.75" to 7") or medium (8") ... measure your wrist and then add a bit extra for slack

Charms: shovel (to whack wolfie on the head and then bury him), blue cup for some FUW reward tea, a bell (get it?), the star represents sleep (you can always take a nap), a lighthouse so you can find your way, and the '@' symbol means you can always email and reach out for support





Sweet Pea Bracelet

i use 'sweet pea' as my special term of endearment. it's like 'sweet pea, don't worry about that right now. just be sober.'

so this bracelet can be a reminder for you. to be kind to yourself, and to call yourself sweet pea when required.

Sizes: available in two sizes, measure around your wrist and then add a bit of slack.
Small: 6.75" to 7.0" or Medium: 7.5" to 7.75"


Not Today Bracelet (sterling silver)


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Fuck You Wolfie Bracelet (aluminium)


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The Elevator is One person Lighter (brass)



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Stay Here Bracelet (sterling silver)





Stay Here Bracelet (brass)


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Grateful Necklace

I've made a bracelet that says "fuck you wolfie". It's aluminum. and lovely. But what if you're a sober girl, and you work in healthcare (or food service, or with children, or with animals, or in mud, or with gloves on) ... and you can't wear a wolfie bracelet.

OK. so what about a special edition, sneak under the radar, wolfie pearl necklace.

And because you probably won't want to wear it saying "Fuck You Wolfie" facing out to the world, i've designed it with the word GRATEFUL on the outside. Grateful faces the world. Fuck you wolfie faces you.

Here are the specifications:

  • Pewter plated rectangles, plated with .999 silver - size 31 x 9 mm

  • Pearls are Swarovski crystal pearls, 6 mm


Stuff for Boys Too!


FUW (fuck you wolfie)
Leather Keychain

60 mm x 30 mm (2.36" x 1.18"), dark brown



The Blog Collection!


Keeping the Wolf from the Door

PDF collection of the first year of the blog







note to you, yes you reading this:
if you have some
don't fuck with it
~ shit belle says

(colour displayed here is 'raspberry')



Drinking is not the solution to a problem.
the problem.
~ shit belle says

(colour displayed here is 'navy')



One-on-one calls




I'm available to chat on the phone. You don't have to wait until you're having a crisis to get some individual support. Some Sober Jumpstart students get free calls as part of their class tuition. Additional calls can be booked here.




Sober Podcast Subscription


One to two new audios per week. On a variety of subjects, like "How to Have Fun," "Dealing with Overwhelm," and "But My Husband Drinks."

To listen to a complete sample podcast (11.5 minutes long), click on the blue button -->

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